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Half Bathroom Remodel Part 2: The Final Reveal

Pop the cork on the champagne! Pull out the streamers and balloons! The big Half Bathroom Remodel Part 2: The Final Reveal is finally here! Since we started our remodel way back in January, to finally be done with the bathroom is definitely a reason to celebrate. Woohoo!

Reveal 1

To see where it all began check out {Half Bathroom Remodel Part 1}.

We have recently added some shelving above our commode, to give our washroom some added storage.Β  For the shelves, we picked a 1″ high x 1′ deep x 6′ long piece of pine from The Home Depot. While we were there, we had them cut it into 3 equal pieces. Once we were home, I slapped a couple coats of white paint on each board.

To attach the shelves to the wall I used some brackets leftover from another project. They can be picked up at your local hardware store for around a buck a piece. For these shelves, I like how chunky these brackets are.

Reveal 3

My diy {baskets} and {apothecary jars} provide cute, functional storage in our bathroom. I also added a picture frame with the words You Are Beautiful in it. Who doesn’t like a good ego bust in the mornings?

Reveal 4

During this remodel, I had my first adventure in basic electrical work. When I flip the switch, the light comes on, so I called it a success. And I didn’t get shocked! Yay! I do not have a picture of the before light, but I assure you, this one is a huge improvement.

Reveal 2

The mirror was a great find by my awesome sister, who picked it up for free. I happily traded her an old window I wasn’t using for it.

We love our new bathroom! I am impressed that we were able to do it all ourselves. It was hard work and took us several months but so worth it.

Reveal BeforeΒ  Reveal After


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