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Anniversary Decor

My wonderful husband, Adam, and I celebrated our 7th anniversary this past Sunday. We typically don’t make a big deal out of this special day since it is so close to Christmas. We usually cook a fun meal together and play a board game. No gifts. But this year, I was extremely inspired by a beautiful post on Ways to Strengthen your Marriage from Dwelling in Happiness to make a little extra effort to show my hubby how much he means to me. With sticking to our “no gifts” pact, I had to get creative with some anniversary decor.

Anniversary Celebration & Wedding Decor

Sunday morning while Adam was out of the house for a bit, the kiddos and I went down to the basement and retrieved my box of wedding decor. Our buffet table was decorated with all of our mementos and when Adam arrived home he was pleasantly surprised.

Anniversary decor

Our wedding took place in a restaurant overlooking the Long Beach, California skyline. Our amazing engagement and wedding photos were taken by Mimi Teller Photography. And in true Emily fashion, most of the decor was DIY. Here are a few of my favorites.

In lieu of traditional flowers for my bouquet, I opted for sea shells. This was a very budget friendly option. First, I took a medium Styrofoam ball and inserted a wooden dowel in it to create the handle. Next, shells were hot glued to the entire surface of the ball. Finally, I wrapped fabric around the handle and accented the bouquet with faux flowers.

I have a love/hate relationship with this bouquet. Adam and I learned one of our first true lessons on compromising with our wedding planning. He wanted a more traditional wedding and I wanted the complete opposite. After a lot of convincing, I won the battle of having a shell bouquet instead of flowers. Then, I made the bouquet and realized it was more like a weapon than a bouquet. At this point, I no longer wanted to lug this “club” down the aisle.

This change of mind led to another disagreement. This one turned out in Adam’s favor by him saying “You are carrying that shell bouquet down the aisle or your not walking down it.” Even though I was 100% sure he didn’t mean that, I humored him by using it. In the end, I was pretty happy carrying it.

DIY Wedding Decor Repurposed

Adam wore this starfish as his boutonniere. A bar pin was attached to the back of it using hot glue. (If you couldn’t tell, we kind of had a whole sea shell theme happening with the decoration.)

Repurposing Wedding decor for Anniversary

For our card holder, I spray painted this hat box off white and Mod Podged our engagement photos to it. Isn’t it cute? I love how it turned out. Now it has become the best place to store all of our wedding keepsakes.

Wedding Decor Repurposed

These little faux flowers were scattered down the aisle by our adorable little flower girl. (Erin’s daughter who is now 10! Wow, time really flies!)

Anniversary Decor and celebration

Adam and I were season pass holders at Disneyland during our time in Southern California. So it just seemed perfect for us to end our wedding weekend at the “Happiest Place On Earth” with our family.

Wedding Decor for Anniversary Decor

We really enjoyed spending our anniversary reminiscing about our wedding and time we spent living California. With having two little ones, making time for “us” is hard to come by these days, so this really was a great way to spend our anniversary together.

Next year, I may just have to make this adorable anniversary art that Erin shared.

Anniversary Art 1


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