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Watercolor Valentine’s Day Art

This project came to me very spare of the moment. My kids and I were spending time together painting at the table when I decided to make some of my own Watercolor Valentine’s Day Art to bring a little festivity to our home for the up coming holiday. This project really shows that you don’t need great expensive materials to create fun art to display.

Watercolor Art

Here is what I had to work with…

I used plain old boring computer paper, my child’s watercolor set, a broken white crayon and dull scissors. Nothing fancy here.

First, I drew a design on the paper with the white crayon. I knew I wanted to display my finished art in a 4×6 frame, so I drew accordingly.

DIY Water Color Valentines Day Art

Next, I brushed the desired colors over the crayon markings to reveal the hidden image and left them to dry.

Water Color Art

Water Color Valentines Art

Finally, the pictures were cut out to fit the frames and displayed for all to enjoy.

DIY Valentines Art Watercolor

For what I had to work with, including my poor artistic skills, I love the finished product! Do you decorate your home for Valentine’s Day?


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  • Aria

    I usually have great intentions to decorate for Valentine’s day, but end up just switching out the dish towels :) These are adorable decorations, I think I could find time to make these. Would be easy to switch out the art for other holidays also. Where did you find the frames?

    here via Link Party Palooza

  • Julie

    I love this grown up version of what I think of as a kids technique. (I hope that comes across as a compliment which is what I am meaning! But I remember doing something similar as a kid and this is just so much more lovely)

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