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7 Unbelievable Closet Transformations

I’m always amazed at how people can transform spaces. However, I think it takes a special kind of visionary to take a closet space to the next level. Whether it be an update to make the space more functional or completely changing the use of the space to make it a tiny room (such as a craft room, home office, or nursery), there is just something really amazing about evolving such a small area. Check out these 7 Unbelievable Closet Transformations!

7 Unbelievable Closet Transformations

Home Office in a Closet by The Crazy Craft Lady


DIY Cedar Closet Makeover by The Shabby Creek Cottage


Closet to Office by Elizabeth Joan Designs

Office closet 3-6

Turning a Closet Into a Nursery by Tidbits


Closet Makeover by Elizabeth Joan Designs

Closet Makeover

How I Squeezed a Craft Room Into a Closet
by The House Down the Lane

Closet to Craft Room

Entryway Update by Elizabeth Joan Designs

Entryway Updates


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