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Closet to Office: Part 3 The Reveal

The time has come to show off the final look of my Closet/ Office! Our once boring, old, game closet has been transformed into a beautiful functioning office space.  If you would like to catch up on what has happened up to this point, take a peek here and here.

Closet to Office 2 Office Closet 3-5
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The final process has involved some bruises, sweat, and tears, but it was all worth it. 

To make this tiny space a little more interesting, I decided to apply some fun chevron contact paper to the wall behind the shelves.

Office closet 3-1

This sounded easy enough, but proved to be the hardest part. Because the space I was working in was so small, I couldn’t fit my step stool all the way though the doorway. So to reach the highest points with the paper, I had to really lean against the step stool safety bar. This is where the bruising came in. Right across my shins. Ouch!

Office closet 3-2

At that point, I decided to ask for help from my super tall husband.(He is not freakishly tall, just 6’2″. He helped for quite awhile and was a trooper about it. In the end, he just showed me I wasn’t crazy for thinking this was difficult.

After he surrendered, I was feeling a bit refreshed from the brake I just had. I persevered and finally finished it up, and replaced the shelves back in the closet. The happy tears started to flow uncontrollably from my oh-so-tired eyes. Yay! Mission completed!

In this closet/office there are a couple details I am excited to share with you.

I chose this storage ottoman for the desk because it was modest, functional, and could squeeze into the itty bitty spot under the shelves. This gem was found on clearance at Target for $8.00.

Office closet 3-7

My husband pulled out our handy dandy drill to create a perfect hole to put cords through.
This has made the desk area a very nice charging station.

Office Closet 3-3

Underneath the desk, I placed a smaller shelf that houses our printer. It has been so convenient to have everything together in a closet, out of the boys’ reach.

Office closet 3-6

The cost of this project was pretty minimal. I reused so may things we already had.The contact paper, the over the door organizer and cube seat, were pretty much the only things I purchased, bringing the grand total to around $35. Woohoo!

Office Closet 3-4

So, what do you think? I love it, other than the contact paper issues, it was pretty easy to do.

Office Closet 3-8 copy

Has anyone else updated a closet recently?

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