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Vintage Airplane Room Update

If you follow our blog regularly, first off THANK YOU. Secondly, you may have been wondering what’s happened with the “big boy” bedroom transformation I have been working on for my oldest son. Well, it’s not quite finished yet. (I know, I am taking forever.) But, I do have a vintage airplane room update to share with you of what we have done so far.

Let’s go back to the beginning. Here is what the room looked like before we started.

Vintage Airplane Room

Our journey began with a new wall color. We had the paint color matched to Restoration Hardware’s Atmosphere Blue. My son helped me sand down each of the stripes that were part of his nursery and he also assisted with painting the walls. He really enjoys helping with any project.

Bedroom Transformation

Room Update

One by one, we crossed projects off the list the desk, chalkboard and pin board, nightstand, headboard, and lighting.

Image Map

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Still to come…

White is nice, but we were ready for a change with this dresser. It has a brand new color that I am hoping to unveil to everyone soon.

Dresser Makeover

This room needs some airplane accents. Stay tuned to see what I will be doing with this guy.

Airplane accents

As you can see, the closet needs a little TLC. We have big plans for this space and are hoping some day to find some time to work on them.

Closet Makeover

While there is still some work to do, I am extremely pleased with all we have finished so far and so is my son.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Fence Headboard


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