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Super Cheap & Extremely Easy Hanging Airplane

To accent my oldest son’s vintage airplane room, I have been searching for ideas on how to make or buy a light-weight simple aircraft to hang from the ceiling. I wasn’t having too much luck until one day I was holding a monthly swap party and a friend of mine showed up with a foam glider she was ready to part with. It was the perfect thing to make a super cheap and extremely easy hanging airplane.

DIY Flying Airplanes


Foam glider
Paint (in any color your little heart desires)
Single hole punch

Airplane accents

First, I carefully removed the glider from the package and coated it with primer.

Next, 2 coats of blue paint that I had left over from another project were applied to the plane’s surface.

Painted Foam Glider

After the glider was finish drying, I punched a hole in the center with a single hole punch.

Finally, I attached the eye-hook to the ceiling, strung the plane with neutral colored thread, and hung through the eye hook and securely tied a knot. This will hopefully keep it from gliding through my son’s bedroom in the middle of the night.

Hanging Airplane

My little guy was so pleased with how this turned out that he immediately requested another. I picked up the second glider at the dollar store and spray painted that one.

Spray painted glider

You really can’t beat that price for this project!


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