Yeah…I’m going to need you to leave!

This may not be my prettiest project to date, but here is how I have been spending my time lately.

Do you know what voles are? It’s okay if you don’t. I didn’t know what they were until a whole slew of them moved in under the base of our air-conditioning unit. They are field mice that love, love, love to eat vegetable plants. Lucky for them, their new home was located directly next to our vegetable garden. Not so lucky for us. They would scurry out from their nest and pluck my plants one by one for a delicious meal. It’s one thing to scurry about my yard and a whole other thing to eat my plants! Plus they leave these little ruts wherever they go.

Install Hardware Mesh Fence 3

I tried using my manners and asking politely and they just ignored me. Can you believe that? This was war! We chased our little furry friends all over trying to scare them away. (I also tried to get a picture of them and was unsuccessful.) We even tried live traps, but they are no fools. They were definitely on to us. I called my family members getting advice and nothing was working. Erin even suggested that I call 1-888-MICKEY-MOUSE. But when I did, there was no answer. So, to the internet I went.

After hours and hours on the computer looking around, I found that installing hardware cloth around the plants was the most effective way to keep my veggies safe. Immediately after reading this, I was on my way to the store to pick up a roll of 1/4″ steel hardware cloth.

Install Hardware Mesh Fence 4

To install the fence, I first dug a 12 inch deep trench around in my garden area and placed the hardware cloth in it.

Install Harware Mesh Fence 2

Install Hardware Mesh Fence 1

Next, I cut the fencing to fit the space and on the ends where the mesh met back up, I used a few zip ties to keep it together.

After that, I placed some duct tape on the sharp edges of the fence. I am not sure how long this will stay on there, but I wanted to try to protect my little ones from getting cuts when they are helping in the garden.

Install Hardware Mesh Fence 6

Install Hardware Mesh Fence 7

Finally, I filled the trench in with dirt and this held the fence in place.

Install Hardware Mesh Fence 5

Although it took a little while to do, I think the installation of this fence went pretty smoothly. Will it keep the voles away? I don’t know about that, but stay tuned for an update soon!

Install Hardware Mesh Fence 8

Have you ever encountered these furry, little trouble makers? If so, what did you do to make them leave?

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  • Tina W

    I have 4 cats. No vermin in my yard.
    (sadly, there are also no longer hummingbird feeders in my yard. Turns out one of the hunters doesn’t listen to directions about what mommy wants left alone.)

    • Emily

      We considered the idea of getting a cat. Aww that’s too bad about the hummingbirds. Thanks Tina for stopping by!

    • Emily

      Thanks Sarah! This situation has been crazy, funny, and a giant pain in my booty. So far so good with our veggie plants! Yay! Good luck with yours!

  • Suzan

    Someone told me to do this around our shed – which is currently prime real estate for the ground hog which lives under it UGGGHHHH………………..now I get to see how it’s done – thanks for sharing!

  • Vickie

    I recently did a post on voles also! The little buggars! Did you know they will even eat the roots of newly planted trees? The little varmints!! Good luck with the solution you came up with – it was better than one that I heard: put bubble gum near their trails. ;)

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