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Favorite Painting Tools & Supplies

Between Emily and I, there is a lot of DIY going on in each of our homes. One of our favorite ways to fix something up and make it our own is to slap a little paint onto it. So, it is only natural that after completing a bunch of projects, we have both found a few go-to items. Here is a list of our favorite painting tools & supplies that we love to use.

Favorite Tools & Supplies

No. 1 – Benjamin Moore Paint – One of our most favorite paint brands is Benjamin Moore. We love how these paint colors look in different lighting and have not come across one that we’ve used our homes and didn’t like. Great for walls, trim and furniture.

No. 2 – Dollar Tree Paint Brushes – We like to use these brushes for stain and oil based paint projects because they are so inexpensive and if you don’t want to spend time trying to clean them up, you can just throw them out.

No. 3 – Zinsser Oil Based Primer – This primer is the bomb. It sticks to pretty much any kind of surface and creates a wonderful base for paint to stick to.

No. 4 – Black & Decker Mouse Detail Sander – Power, precision and smoothness all packed into a tiny little sander. Who could ask for more?

No. 5 – Purdy Cub Angled Paint Brush – This may just be the best brush ever! It is so perfect for cutting in and works great when trying to paint smalls spaces or decorative molding.

No. 6 – Minwax Wood Finish (Special Walnut) – If you are looking for a great stain that is not too warm or cool in color and covers pretty evenly, this is the stuff.

No. 7 – Rustoleum Universal Metallic (Oil Rubbed Bronze) – This spray paint gets a huge amount of use from both of us. We’ve used it on door handles, curtain rods, table legs and even a light fixture. (Tutorial to come soon!)

No. 8 – Restoration Hardware Paint – We are also obsessed with Restoration Hardware paint because their velvety colors look good in pretty much any room of the house.

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