DIY Note Cards From A Gift Box

My son recently received a gift and it arrived in a cute polka dot patterned gift box. The bottom portion of the box got smashed during the gift opening process. I really wanted to figure out something to use the top for so I wasn’t just throwing it away. That’s when I decided to make a few fun note cards from the leftover cardboard.

Gift Box Note Cards 9 
Here is what the top looked like before I started.

Gift Box Note Cards 1 
First, I deconstructed the lid by pulling the corners apart. Next, my paper cutter was used to sever the edges along the creases. That left me with just the center section of the cardboard.

PicMonkey Collage
Then, I cut the paper again into 3 equal sections. If you are trying this at home, you can make the cards any size you would like. This is just what worked for my needs.

Gift Box Note Cards 5
Finally, I folded each piece in half and pressed down with the flat edge of a ruler to get a firm crease.

Gift Box Note Cards 7
I also made a few itty bitty ones from the edges I cut off in the first step. I love these! Plus they were free! Yay!

Gift Box Note Cards 8
Is there anything special you have saved from going into the garbage?


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