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Clipboard Art Display

Two kids in preschool = lots of artwork. Did we have to get a second refrigerator to display all of those papers? Well, no, but I am glad you asked. We let the kids decide on their favorites and we hang them up on clipboards. Our wall can showcase six projects at once. For all of you that don’t like doing math in your head, that means three projects for each child. Don’t worry, I let my husband do all of my math for me.

This display has been up in our house for a while, pre-blog even. I get so many compliments on it, I decided to share it.

Clipboards 4

First, I took six regular clipboards, primed and painted them black. If I were to do this again, I think I would probably use chalkboard paint. Because, who doesn’t love chalkboard paint?

Clipboards 1

Then, I used a black sharpie to get the very top edge that I couldn’t reach with a paint brush.

clipboards 2

Finally, I hung them up on the wall. I know you’re smart, so I won’t insult you any further by explaining how to use a hammer and nails.

Clipboards 3

These clipboards make it so easy to rotate the works of art. This way, the current favorites are always on display. The rest of the pictures get filed away, to be pulled out at future graduation parties and on days when I want to be in denial about my boys growing up too quickly.


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