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Chevron Pattern to Herringbone

Do you remember my Garbage Picking Kit? No? You should really check it out, it’s a pretty funny post. Well, when I was working on that project, I needed something to store all of my tools in so they didn’t just rattle around in the trunk of my car. My solution was an old shoe box. The box I found wasn’t exactly pretty. I decided it needed a little beautifying, so I grabbed some chevron patterned shelf liner to cover the box lid. As I was measuring the paper out, I was struck by a lightning. Okay, not a real lightning. Just a great idea kind of light bulb, but you get my point. Anyways, that’s when I thought it would be fun to change my chevron pattern into herringbone. Here’s how I did it.

Pattern Change

Fist, I cut the shelf liner into strips using scissors. I did not do this haphazardly. The method to my madness was cutting straight lines directly through the points of each zigzag.

Chevron to Herringbone

Next, I removed the backing of each contact paper strip to reveal the sticky side. With sticky side down, I placed each strip making sure to alternate colors with each piece. This is what created the herringbone pattern. Seriously, this project was so ridiculously simple. I feel a bit embarrassed and like I am cheating using this as a blog post.

Herringbone pattern from Chevron Pattern

Because of the size of the shoe box I was using, hubby’s giant feet not mine, I had to add some small pieces of the contact paper to the ends of the box lid to complete it. It took a little finagling (technical term) to get them to look right. But once I had finished, I loved how this turned out! What do you think? So simple, right?

Turn Chevron to Herringbone


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