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    The 7 Best Apps For Photo Editing

    I love, love, love to take photos. Most of the time I drag my big ol’ DSLR camera along with me when I go somewhere and I edit those photos in Photoshop. But sometimes, the convenience of being able to bring your phone with you to take pictures just makes so much more sense. It is great to be able to kick things up a notch too with photo editing apps! You can brighten up a dark photo, or add some fun text or filters to give your photo a little flare. So today, I’m sharing the 7 Best Apps for Photo Editing. (I use the following apps on my iPhone, but some may be available on other devices.)

    7 Best Apps For Photo Editing

    Camera+ by tap tap tap – Camera+ is an amazingly awesome app that allows you to have more control over your camera settings than the regular camera on your phone. It has really good manual mode settings which allows you to take beautiful photos in all sorts of different lighting scenarios. Plus, there are a lot of extra filters and options to help your pictures POP!

    Processed with Camera+

    Adobe Photoshop Express by Adobe – The Adobe Photoshop Express has many great features, but I think my favorite would have to be the blemish removal tool. I’m not a fan of editing out permanent facial features (see my wrinkles!) or making people skinnier, but this option is perfect for removing that scary, huge pimple that popped up over night or those few crumbs you didn’t notice on the floor before you snapped your photo. (Luckily, I didn’t have any zits at the time of this pic!)

    Processed with Adobe Photoshop Express

    Pic Tap Go by Totally Rad! Inc. – This is my favorite, most used photography app. I love that I can quickly load a photo into Pic Tap Go and apply a few filters or crop in no time at all. Usually, I just brighten and sharpen, since I love my photos to pop with color. However, there are a lot of fun options to choose from (which you can preview before you even apply) if you want to go for a vintage or black and white look as well.

    Processed with Pic Tap Go

    VSCO by Visual Supply Company – I love VSCO because it is so simple and the results are almost always beautiful. The app is super user friendly, with easy to use controls and lovely filters that can subtly accent your photos.

    Processed with VSCO

    Rhonna Designs by Rhonna Farrer – If you want to add pretty graphics and text to your pictures, Rhonna Designs is definitely the way to go. There are tons of gorgeous font options and designs that can help you create beautiful and unique graphic photos.

    Processed with Rhonna Designs

    Waterlogue by Tinrocket, LLC – Sometimes it’s fun to get a little artistic with your photos and Waterlogue is the perfect way to turn your pictures into art. This app takes your photos and, with the just the click of a button, changes them into beautiful watercolors. This photo started out as white plain flowers outside of our home, but now it looks like it was painted by an artist. So pretty!

    Processed with Waterlogue

    Moldiv by JellyBus Inc. – This last app is great if you want to showcase several photos at once in a collage. Moldiv can stitch together a grouping of photos (like a this set from my home tour) and there are tons of combinations to choose from, which is perfect for sharing on social media, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    Processed with Moldiv

    I love how using an app to edit photos can give it just that little extra oomph! What are your favorite photo editing apps? Do you use any of these? I would to hear your recommendations in the comments below!

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    How To Create Your Own Handwritten Fonts

    You may not know this about me, but I’m obsessed with fonts. I love all of the different kinds, from swirly script to straight up sans-serifs and pretty much everything in between. And when I found out that I could make my own handwriting into a font, you’d better believe I did a little dance that may have resembled the Carlton. Anyway, I thought I would share with you how you can create your own handwritten fonts.

    How To Create Your Own Handwritten Fonts

    And as an added bonus, I’ve created 5 fonts of my own to share with you! (You can snag one or all five at the end of this post.) However, if you want to make your own fonts, keep on reading.

    EJD Font Types

    There are a couple of methods I know of that allow you to create your own handwritten fonts fairly easily. Both of these ways require a few accessories to get the job done.

    1. MyScriptFont.com

    This first technique calls for a printer/scanner. To start making fonts, head on over to My Script Font and download/print the free font template. Using a black pen, fill in each box with the corresponding letter/character. When you are finished, scan the paper and upload the file to My Script Font.

    2. iFontMaker

    The second way to create your own handwritten font is to use iFontmaker app for iPad. The app itself costs several dollars, but it is totally worth it in my opinion. I have had so much fun playing around with this app and creating new fonts (and so have my hubby and kids!) After downloading, open the app and get started. You can find a basic tutorials on the iFontMaker website and also on YouTube. This app is truly awesome and my favorite way to create a fun font!

    Create Fonts On iPad

    So, what are you waiting for? I would love to know if you try out either of these techniques or if you know of any other ways to create your own handwritten font.

    You can download any of the following fonts that I created for FREE by clicking on the links below.

    All fonts are free for personal use only. If you are interested in using these fonts for ANY commercial use (anything that generates income), including, but not limited to art, blogs, ebooks, etsy, logos, printables, scrapbooking, adaptions, etc., please contact me. Thank you!








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    Keeping Toddlers Occupied

    I am not claiming to be the brilliant person who came up with the genius idea for using a cardboard box as a toy.  Until recently, I had never seen or thought of the idea of giving my kid crayons for coloring inside of a box. Crayons and boxes are two of my son’s favorite things. So combining them together worked like magic. This is such a great way for keeping toddlers occupied.

    Step one:
    I let my toddler climb into a large, ordinary, cardboard box. (I am not sure why it looks like he doesn’t have feet in this picture, but he does. Two of them.)


     Step two:
    He was given a few crayons.


    Step three:
    I sat back, relaxed, and enjoyed my free time.

    As expected, he just had the best time playing in there.


    To keep the fun alive, the sides were reinforcement with duct tape.


    Crayons in a box is such a simple idea. I just wish I would have found this idea sooner.

    If you had a box large enough, do you think adults could have this much fun?

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    Tips for Hiring an Electrician

    Shortly after moving into our home, we realized there were a few short cuts taken when our home was built in the 80’s. This is especially true with the electrical work.  All of the little quirks were things that we could live with, but having them done makes our lives easier. We have been putting these things off now for 4 years and it was finally time to take care of them. As you know, I am a total DIY girl. But sometimes I realize there are things I can’t or shouldn’t do myself, like replace ceiling fans at the peak of a cathedral ceiling, troubleshooting the wiring of an outlet in our bathroom, and adding coach lights to both sides of our garage.

    After a lot of time and a couple of headaches, I came across the perfect electrician for the job.

    Lights 1

    What is gray, crisp and hangs from the ceiling? A careless electrician. To avoid hiring this type of careless electrician, I have provided you with a few tips that will save you time and frustration.

    Lights 2

    Tips for Hiring an Electrician

    1. Make a list of all the work you’re wanting accomplished. Is it a repair, renovation, or adding/changing out new/existing light fixtures? Analyze what you would like done, to find the right electrician experienced in the area your work is in. If you are having an electrical problem, be sure to hire someone with knowledge and experience in troubleshooting. Do a little research. Start looking for lighting fixtures, ceiling fans or anything else you may need. The more information you have the better your end result will be.

    2. Read reviews online, talk to your family, friends and neighbors to see who they have hired for their electrical needs. Good customer service skills and a great personality can go a long way. When I was calling around , I spoke to a person that was extremely rude to me on the phone. Needless to say, I didn’t hire him. I have a rule; If you are rude to me on the phone, then I am not going to pay you to be rude to me in my home. Also, check reviews to see if the candidate is neat and tidy. Who wants to clean up someone else’s mess? Remember, you can always ask for a list of references too.

    3. Call up any potential electricians. Make  appointments for them to come out for an estimate. Be up front about the time frame you are expecting the work completed in. Also, define up front all the work that needs to be done.  You will get a much more accurate estimate. Sharing only a portion what you want done will only lead to confusion later.

    4. Before hiring, check that the electrician is insured and certified. This will save you a lot of problems in the long run.

    There you have it, a little research will help you hire a professional and get the job done right. If are looking for a recommendation and you are living in the Rochester, New York area feel free to email me.