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Half Bathroom Remodel: Part 1

In January, we started remodeling our front entryway and half bathroom. It all started with the idea of turning our hallway closet into a bench seat and snowballed into completely remolding the entryway closet, hallway and the half bath, which is right off the hallway. With two little ones, this was a big project to take on. I am so thankful for nap time. How they slept though hammering and drilling, I will never know. It is now August and everything is functional, but there are still a few details we have to do before we can say we are finished. But onto the bathroom.

First, before we moved into our house, we removed the wall paper. If this is something you have never tried, it can be hit or miss depending of the room. One part fabric softener and two parts water, mixed together in a spray bottle, was the solution that we found worked best for our wall paper removal needs. Check out the lovely bathroom wall paper below.

half bath 

After we moved in, we painted the walls gray and lost a knob on our cabinet and a bolt cover on our toilet. Never did find them.

half bath 2
half bath 1

Next, once we were ready to take on the ginormous project that is remodeling, came demolition. This is great way to get out all of your aggression. This tile came up really easily and the elimination of that hideous wall paper  that was hiding behind the cabinet happened mostly in one, big, ugly chunk.

half bath 3

We ousted the medicine cabinet and towel rack. Then, in no time at all, we had attached the backer board to the plywood floor.

half bath 4 

Then, came the back-breaking hard work of laying new tile and grout.

half bath 5 

Finally, we painted, added trim, and installed the new porcelain throne and pedestal sink.

half bath 6

Remodeling, is hard work but so gratifying. Have you remodeled a room in your home?



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