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$100 Room Challenge: Week 3 – Bathroom Progress

We are in the midst of week 3 of the $100 Room Challenge and we still have so much to do! Earlier this week, I shared our plans for the room, as well as the paint colors we chose. Getting the painting done made a huge impact on the brightness in the room.  We’ve made a little more bathroom progress since then, but our list still has quite a few projects on it and we are running out of time! Eek!

Bathroom Progress DIY Ladder

This week, we were able to build a ladder that goes around/above our toilet. It was so easy to put together and cost us less than $5 for the wood! You may be wondering why I wanted to add a ladder to the bathroom. I’m hoping that it will bring in some color once it is stained and be a place for added storage by hanging baskets on it.

Storage Ladder in Bathroom

To build this puppy, we started out with 2 –  2″x3″ pine boards cut to 6′ in length and 3 – 1 1/8″ dowels cut to 24″.  This dowel width allowed for the ladder to easily fit around the sides of our toilet tank. Then, my hubs used a 1 1/8″ paddle drill bit to create holes in the long boards and we just pushed the dowels in through the holes until they came out to the edge. So simple!

Easy Build Ladder

I know that is not a lot of progress for this week and this coming weekend I’m heading to The Bahamas! Woohoo!  Meanwhile, my loving husband will be sticking it out at home with the kids and doing the electrical work for the bathroom. (Outlets, lighting, etc.) Then, when I get back, it will be a race to finish up the rest of the room!

Bathroom Progress Electrical Work

Let’s check on the to-do list and see how much we have left!

  • Paint the walls
  • Paint the doors/trim/vanity cabinet
  • Spray paint door hardware
  • Build a ladder to put around/above the toilet.
  • Get wire baskets for storage
  • Add a can light above the toilet area
  • Make a frame for the existing mirror
  • Replace light switches/plates/GFCI outlet/thermostat
  • Add hooks for towels
  • Decorate with items already owned

Yikes! The list is still pretty hefty.  Pray for a miracle that we will be able to pull this off in time! Oh, and check out the other participants to see how their room makeovers are coming along.

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