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10 Minute Wood Cutting Board

Every once in awhile, I come across some extra wood from a project. You know, those random pieces that are left over after everything is cut. And since I’m not really a big fan of just throwing them away, I went in search of something to do with them. After perusing the interwebs, I found a great tutorial from Centsational Girl for DIY Wood Cutting Boards.

DIY Wood Cutting Board 1

This post is by no means some sort of amazingly new way to make a cutting board. I just used Centsational Girl’s guide and thought I would reiterate just how simple and quick this awesome project is. After you find the wood you want to use, there are only 4 steps.

DIY Wood Cutting Board 2

1. Trace a handle onto the wood piece. I made a template by cutting a piece of cardstock to the width of the wood (8 inches) and folding it in half. Next, I free-handed the shape of a handle on it and cut it out. Then, I opened it back up and traced around the edges.

2. Cut out the handle. I grabbed my handy hubs and had him help me cut with a jig saw, so I could take pics and not chop off my hand in the process. Thanks, Honey!

3. Sand everything smooth and wipe clean.

4. Condition the wood with mineral oil.

And that is it. The cutting board is then ready to use.

DIY Wood Cutting Board 3

This project literally took only 10 minutes from start to finish. I think it honestly took longer to gather and style all the food on top.

DIY Wood Cutting Board 4

So, if you find yourself with some extra lumber, this is a great project to tackle that won’t take up a lot of time, but yields quick and fulfilling results.


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