Concrete-Esque Planter

OK. I admit it. Sometimes I drive behind furniture and decor stores and look to see if they have any goodies hanging out next their trash bins. Weird? Maybe. But every once in awhile, I see something cool. Like this awesome concrete-esque planter. Of course, I had to grab it.

Planter Fiddle Leaf Fig

When I brought the planter home, I immediately went online and attempted to look it up on the store’s website. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything listed regarding this particular piece, probably because it had been discontinued. However, after doing a Google image search I found out that it wasn’t even a planter at all, but some sort of storage stool. Interesting, but whatever.

Concrete Planter

It had a lot of cracks in it, as you can see. And a cat too! Oh wait, that is just Rowan helping with me. He does that sometimes.

Concrete Planter Cat

Since I still planned on using it as a planter, I wanted to make sure to fill the cracks in a bit to deter dirt and water from leaking out.

Concrete Crack

My hubby brought home concrete mix for me and I got to work stirring it up with some water.

Mixing Concrete

Using disposable gloves, I applied a layer of wet concrete to the cracks on the inside of the planter. I left the outside of the cracks alone, since I wasn’t sure how well it would match the existing color and texture.

Concret Fixed Crack

Once the concrete patches were dry, I added a few packages of river rocks (from the dollar store) to the bottom of the planter for drainage.

Planter Stones

Finally, I added some dirt and my trusty Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. To keep this Rowan proof, I added an extra layer of river rocks to the top of the planter too. This keeps mischievous kitties from digging in the dirt and using it as an extra litter box.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Doesn’t this planter look great?

Concrete Planter Plant

I love the character that the cracks add and we hope that this holds up and allows our pretty plant to grow bigger and stronger!

18 thoughts on “Concrete-Esque Planter

  1. Kristin

    You are probably not the first person to cruise a furniture store for cast-offs {ahem – plausible deniability here!}. That said, your project turned out beautifully! And thanks for the river rock tip on keeping cats out of plants – that’s always been a worry and one of the main reasons we haven’t brought plants into the house, but now I’m totally trying this!

  2. Vicki

    I know I’m late to this post, but here goes. First, I love this. I’m a plant lady and I am always on the lookout for a new way to display a plant. Cement/concrete is not a watertight material. If there is water that sits on the bottom it could very easily migrate to your wood floor. May I suggest that you go back and spray the inside with some rubberized material to seal it so you don’t get black spots on your beautiful floor? Also, there is the possibility of the container leaching something not healthy for a plant. A lining would take care of both potential problems.


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