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10 of the Best Coffee Bars

We’ve been working hard over here trying to get our bathroom makeover finished and will hopefully have the final reveal for you in the next day of two.  However, since I’ve kind of been a blog slacker since the new year, I decided that I should post something fun and pretty for you guys in the meantime.  Our coffee bar is one of the best things we’ve ever put together.  It is so nice to have everything corralled together and has honestly saved us money, since we no longer make daily trips to the popular coffee shops! Check out 10 of the Best Coffee Bars I’ve found!

  1. AKA Design


2. At the Picket Fence


3. Seeking Lavender Lane

SLL Coffee Bar

4. At Home With the Barkers


5. Refresh Restyle


6. Little Red Brick House


7. Elizabeth Joan Designs

Best Coffee Bars

8. Liz Marie Blog

liz marie bloge coffee bar

9. A Shade of Teal

shade of teal

10. Nelly Friedel

Nelly Friedel Coffee Bar

Which one is your favorite?  Do you have your own coffee bar?

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