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So The Thing Is

If you are one of the two people who stop by our blog regularly, you may have noticed a slight decrease in our posting. Emily’s family has been battling round after round of sickness, like the flu and colds and Mad Cow Disease. Just kidding on that last one. But they have been totes under the weather.

And, well, I’ve been keeping a huge secret. WE’VE MOVED. That is right. After some major packing, purging, and transporting of our stuff, we are finally getting things unpacked and organized. Yay! I’m so excited to get started decorating our new place. My husband likes to say that I’m “setting up the Barbie Dream House.” And he may or may not be referring to tendencies from my childhood where I would to set up toys, but not really play with them. Emily can vouch for this. Just ask her!

Anyway, I wanted to share a sneak peek of our new place. It does need some updating and tweaking to fit our style, but we are excited to tackle it and get our DIY on.

New House Collage

There are a lot of things we want to do, but we know that it is going to take some time and elbow grease to get everything the way we want it. One of the first things we are really planning to tackle is the paint. (Oh fun. Who wants to come help?) But flooring, kitchen cabinets, door hardware, trim, appliances, and lighting (bye, bye boob lights) are all on the list. Plus, I’m sure I probably forgot to name like 200 other things.

Stay tuned to see what the kids think about the new place, the paint colors we are planning to use, and of course more pics of this new DIY adventure!

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