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Sloppy Dot Curtains

Ninety nine point nine percent of the time, I am an extremely decisive person. I know what I want, when I want it. However, this was not one of those times.

Dot Curtains 1

The curtains in our home have pretty much always been plain white. We like white. It’s bright and airy and lovely and awesome. But, for several years now, I’ve contemplated something more. Maybe a pattern or a graphic. So, I made a decision and decided to make my own and they did not turn out too shabby.

Spot Curtains 2

I started with a pair of Ikea’s VIVAN curtains (they run for about 10 bucks a pop, so I wouldn’t have been out much if I royally messed them up) which were laid flat on a canvas drop cloth.Then, I used a craft brush and black acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium to make the dots.

Spot Curtains 3

There wasn’t really a plan or pattern going on with all of this. I just sort of staggered the dots on the fabric, but they are by no means perfect. And I just “smooshed” the paint brush back and forth, which we will pretend gives the dots a sort of organic type look. Totally professional, right?

Spot Curtains 4

I really like the graphic look that they have.

Spot Curtains 5

Oh yeah. I also used some of the previously mentioned Oil Rubbed Bronze (used on my desk/nightstand) to spray paint the curtain rod (IRJA, also from Ikea for $1.49.) Unfortunately, the length of the rod is a bit shorter than I would like it, so now I’m on a mission to find something that will better suit the width of the window.

Spot Curtains 6

I think everyone in the Fam was pleasantly surprised with how these curtains turned out. They’ve even become a favorite lounging spot for our Golden Retrievers.

Spot Curtains 7


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