Revamped Mini Folding Table and Chairs

It’s no secret that Emily and I enjoy grabbing junk treasures from trash piles on the side of the road. Especially, when we can see so much potential in the item. For example, this cute revamped mini folding table and chairs that I recently found and made over.

Revamped Mini Folding Table and Chairs

Since we didn’t already own a little table and chair set for the kids, when I saw this small set abandoned on the curb, I thought it would at least be worth the effort to try and fix it up. We don’t have tons of extra space for un-needed furniture, but since these fold up, they will be easy enough to store when they aren’t in use.

Small Card Table

As you can see, they were in pretty rough shape. The chair seats and backs were faded and the table top had some ugly water damage. We love the Buckeyes here, but some changes needed to happen to make this little grouping look better.

OSU Go Bucks Mini Table

Unfortunately, I didn’t document taking the screws out of the seats, backs and table top to detach them. Or spray painting each of the frame pieces white. Oops! But I did do those things.

I decided to recover the parts of the chairs with black and white ticking fabric and the top of the table with chalk cloth.

Ticking Fabric Chalk Cloth

Using a combination of staples and E6000 multipurpose adhesive, I attached the fabrics (cut to size) to each item.

Stapler Chalk Cloth

Finally, everything was reattached to the newly painted frames and ready for use.

Kids Table Chairs

What do you think of this little table and chair set? Isn’t it adorable in it’s new black and white attire? I love that the kids will be able to use this for so many things. Coloring, crafts, snack-time, etc. Plus, since there is chalk cloth on the top, they can draw directly on it. Yay!


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