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Monogrammed Stamped Clay

Stamped Clay 1

Last week, Emily came to visit. Yay! While we were at our parent’s home, they shared with us that they had found our grandfather’s old letter stamp set. So cool!

Stamped Clay 2

Stamped Clay 3

There was this great idea from a Better Homes & Gardens magazine (I believe the original photo from the magazine had a super cute leaf pattern stamped onto clay) and our step mom, Beth, suggested that we use Grandpa’s stamp set to make our own stamped clay project. So we rounded up some oven bake clay and got to work.

Stamped Clay 4

First, we each took a portion of the clay and worked it in our hands to loosen it up. Like we were giving it a deep tissue massage. Ahhhhhh. Next, we used a rolling pin to flatten clay.

Stamped Clay 5

Then, with a little oil on each stamp to keep it from sticking, we pushed the stamp into the clay. Emily chose an ampersand, which she cut around and poked a hole through to make a hanging ornament.

Stamped Clay 6

And I did a pattern with the letter E. Natural choice, right? You can see that I put the circle into a small bowl (oiled) to form it into a dish shape.

Stamped Clay 7

Each piece was baked in the oven at 250 degrees for 15 minutes. Just enough time to take a quick shower or straighten your hair. Or whatever you like to get done in 15 minutes.

Stamped Clay 8

After everything is cooled, you can sand the edges if things need smoothed out a bit. We love how both of our projects turned out!

Stamped Clay 9 Stamped Clay 10


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