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LOVEly Heart Candle Holder

So, here at EJD, we thought it would be a great idea to do a week of Valentine’s Day type projects. I was racking my brain, trying come up with something to no avail. It was like trying to make “fetch” the new word for cool, and it just wasn’t happening. That’s so fetch. Umm, no. No it’s not.

Anyway, after perusing the aisles of the dollar store, putting things into my cart that I really don’t need, I found a small glass candle holder and decided to try and make it more lovey dovey.

Heart Candle Holder 1

For this simple project, I used my candle holder, blue painter’s tape, scissors, chalkboard paint, and a foam craft brush.

Heart Candle Holder 2

Oh, and also a pen (not pictured above.) With the pen, I free handed the shape of a heart onto the sticky back side of two pieces of painter’s tape. I chose the back because I figured my tape might lose a little bit of its tackiness if I put it down on a surface. Generally, it is not fetch cool for people to be tacky, but with tape, it is expected.

Heart Candle Holder 3

Next, I used my scissors to cut out the tape heart and attached it to the candle holder.

Heart Candle Holder 4

Then I covered the entire glass with several coats of chalkboard paint. You can see in the photo below that there was a little, ahem, leakage under the tape.

Heart Candle Holder 5

Luckily, it was easily fixable with my tongue some water and a paper towel. I just wiped it off while it was still wet, but you could totally use a sharp edge to scrape off any excess once it is dry.

Heart Candle Holder 6

I think I did a total of 3 coats of paint. I love the contrast of the matte look that the chalkboard paint gives against the shine of the glass. I don’t love that the paint looks so textured, but you could totally fix that by using spray paint instead.

Heart Candle Holder 7

This heart candle holder also has a neat little trick up its sleeve. If you face the unpainted section towards the wall, the light from the candle will shine through and make a fabulous heart shaped projection. Pretty fetch cool, right?

Heart Candle Holder 8

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