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Last Minute Silhouette Ornaments

If you are limited on time this holiday season, but still need a few extra small decorations for your upcoming get together, this is the project for you. These cute personalized last minute silhouette ornaments are pretty simple to whip up and something your can work on while the cookies are baking.

Last Minute Silhouette Ornament

You will need:
– several wooden discs (I found these at JoAnn for a little over $0.25 each.)
– two colors of acrylic or chalk paint
– medium paint brush
– small paint brush
– pencil
– small silhouette cut out (Follow our Simple Silhouette Tutorial.)
– string

1. Figure out how you want to hang your ornaments. The wood discs were plain and I knew I wanted a space to put a string through, so I had my hubby drill a tiny hole in each one. If you don’t have time for that, you can always hot glue the string to the back. (Drilling Tip: Since this wood is so thin, we suggest sandwiching the discs between a couple of pieces of thin scrap wood to prevent splintering.)

Wood Circle Ornaments

2. Paint the front and sides of each disc with one coat of paint and let them dry. The drying time is the longest part of this process. I used that time to get other stuff done. (For example, making dinner, baking cookies, cleaning house, etc.) When they are dry, paint the back of the discs.

White Paint Wood Circles

3. Once all sides are painted and dried, trace your silhouette cut out onto the disc.

Traced Silhouette Wood Circles

4. Fill in the silhouette with the other color of paint using a small paint brush.

Painted Silhouette Ornament

5. Add a string to hang it with and you are done!

Pretty straight forward, right? I love that these can be hung on the tree, placed on a stocking for each family member, or added to a gift. So fun!

Silhouette Stocking Decor

I was able to get 8 of these cute ornaments finished in a couple of hours, which included drying time for the paint, babysitting an infant, tending to the never ending needs of a toddler, making lunch, and school pick up. I’m not Super Mom, so if I can do it, you can too!


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