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Fringed Streamers

We are planning a little birthday soiree’ for our daughter this coming weekend, so I wanted to stop in quick and share a fun party decorating idea. As you probably already know, streamers are super inexpensive, so this project totally helped the birthday party budget. All you need is crepe paper streamers, scissors and a little bit of time. I whipped about 40 of these out in an hour while watching the series finale of Gossip Girl on Netflix with a tear in my eye. Don’t worry. None of them got wet.

Fringed Streamers 1

First, start out by figuring out how long you want your streamers to be. I wanted mine to hang from the ceiling and pool on the floor, just a bit, so they ended up being a little longer than 8 ft. each.

Fringed Streamers 2

If you are lucky, you will have a helper to keep you off on task and make you a spot of tea while measuring.

Fringed Streamers 3

Next, fold the streamer in half a bunch of times until it is a manageable length to work with.

Fringed Streamers 4

Then, working along one edge, make cuts almost half way into the middle, about every 1/4 inch.

Fringed Streamers 5

After that, turn it around and fringe the other edge, lining up your cuts with the middles of the fringed pieces on the opposite side, but still not quite snipping to the middle.

Fringed Streamers 6

Lastly, unfold the streamers and admire your new party embellishments.

Fringed Streamers 7
The party girl loves them!

Fringed Streamers 8


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