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I’ve always loved the look of gallery walls, so for my very first blog project/post way back when, I decided to create one for my daughter’s bedroom. I know that there are 750 million ways to hang a photo, but this is my favorite way to create an easy gallery wall.

Gallery Wall 1

To start, I gathered all of the frames and pieces that I could potentially use and had laying around our house.

Gallery Wall 3

Next, I started to arrange the pieces into different configurations, trying to find the best combination. To keep it simple, I chose three empty (ghost) frames, a round mirror, and the letter “A.” And by simple, I mean easier. Easy like Sunday morning. Not that adding more frames would have really been harder. Maybe more like Saturday morning.

Gallery Wall 4

This sad empty wall above our daughter’s bed was where we chose to hang everything.

Gallery Wall 2

After spray painting each piece white (for a cohesive look,) I traced around the outside of each frame and the mirror onto regular printer paper. A few of the items required paper that was taped together for more surface area, but this could also be achieved by using newspaper for the larger pieces.

Gallery Wall 5

I made sure to mark on each where the nail would go. Then, I taped everything to the wall in the configuration that looked best and added nails to the appropriate spots on the papers.

Gallery Wall 6

Finally, we pulled all of the papers off and hung up all of the frames. Lookin’ good!

Gallery Wall 7


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