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Numbered Wooden Crates

Do you ever have a storage situation that involves just shoving things behind a closed door and calling it day? No? Me either.


Just kidding! This post is technically re-post. I had actually shared it last year, but the content was lost during the Great Blog Deletion of 2013. Oops! It was one of my favorite organizational updates we did in our last home, so I figured it was a good one to share again.

Previously, our โ€œstorage solutionโ€ for shoes had been an old laundry basket and a broken down woven basket well beyond their years in use. It always looked like a disheveled mess and obviously needed some help. (The whole closet needed help, but that is another post.)

Closet Makeover Part 1 - 1

I found these great wooden crates at Michael’s and ended up paying less than $8 per crate thanks to some lovely 50% off coupons. Yay for good deals!

Closet Makeover Part 1 - 2

We used Minwax Polyshades (in Antique Walnut I think) to stain each of the crates. My hubby was recruited to do the dirty work, while I took a photo.

Closet Makeover Part 1 - 3

Once everything was dry, I printed out the number 1 through 4 onto cardstock, cut them out, and traced each one onto the front of the crates. Using a small paint brush, I filled in each number with chalk paint.

Closet Makeover Part 1 - 4

Then came the fun part of sorting and purging our shoes. You can see I had a little helper.

Closet Makeover Part 1 - 6

That is Maverick, one of our two golden retrievers that we lost to cancer this past year. I never realized how hard it would be once they were both gone. So many times, I still catch myself watching how I stand up from the couch, because they always loved to lay next to our feet. Or calling them to go up to bed every evening. It’s something I still do or think about most nights. Crazy how these furry guys and girls have such an impact on our lives, even with the simple everyday things.

Ok, back to the project. After I had everyone’s shoes sorted, we put them back into the closet arranged on a custom made shelf for the space.

Closet Makeover Part 1 - 7

It is amazing how much easier it find your own shoes when you don’t have to sort through 3 other people’s loafers.

Closet Makeover Part 1 - 5

So, that’s our shoe storage story. We can’t be the only ones who crave a little organization in the shoe department. How do you store your kicks? Boxes, baskets, bins or something else?


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