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Chalk Cloth Bunting

I love a simple project and that’s what you are getting today. DIY Chalk Cloth Bunting. It’s not just adorable, but can be used for all types of celebrations. Oh, and it’s easy too. Perfect for a lazy day sitting in front of the boob tube, when your energy is drained and minimal is all you can muster.

Chalk Cloth Bunting 1

I had some extra chalk cloth left over from this project, so I decided to use that to make the bunting. Original, right? I think that everyone in blogland has probably made a bunting or banner of some kind (even Emily did it,) and well, I just didn’t want to be left out.

Chalk Cloth Bunting 2

Using a rotary cutter, I cut out 7 pieces of the cloth measuring 5 inches x 7 inches each. Why 5″ x 7″? Because it just sounded good.

Chalk Cloth Bunting 3

Next, I measured approximately 1.5 inches up and 2.5 inches in from each side (the center) and marked a spot with a pencil on the bottom of each piece. Starting at the corner, I cut a straight line in to the dot on an angle and did that for both sides. Then, I used that piece to trace a cutting line on the rest of the fabric pieces…

Chalk Cloth Bunting 4

And cut out each of them.

Chalk Cloth Bunting 5

After that, it was time to attach some ribbon.

Chalk Cloth Bunting 6

I used ribbon (you could also use bias tape) to attach the chalk cloth pieces together with some hot glue. Just fold the ribbon in half and add glue to the inside part.

Chalk Cloth Bunting 7

The chalk cloth needs to then be primed before anything is written on it. You can find out how to do that in this post. Then just dust off the excess with a dry piece of scrap cloth or fabric.

Chalk Cloth Bunting 8

Finally, write out a little message. The best thing about this bunting is that it is customizable and can be used for multiple occasions. Here is how we are using it this fall!

Chalk Cloth Bunting 9


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