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    The Country House: Home Tour Before Photos

    Hey there, friends! Are you enjoying your summer? We’ve been super busy these past few weeks and are gearing up for the kids to go back to school soon. Pinky, our 11-year-old daughter, will be in 6th grade and Sweet Pea, our 5-year-old son, is starting kindergarten. Gah! Kids grow too fast! Anyway, we are excited to announce that last Friday we closed on The Country House, so now we are free to start working on all of those projects we’ve wanted to tackle. (You can find out more about our decision to move from the city to the country [here] and the positives and negatives of moving into this particular house [here].) I know that I promised you guys a tour too, so here it is… The Country House Home Tour Before Photos . Let’s get started!

    The Country House: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

    Front Entry & Living Room

    Welcome to our home! This space is nice and roomy but it definitely could use some paint and flooring updates. Well, the whole house needs those kinds of updates, but we are excited to tackle them in what we are considering a chapter 1 makeover. Meaning that we will be doing simple and fairly inexpensive makeovers to all of the rooms to make them more our style. This will allow us to live in the space a bit and really get a feel for what we want to do to each of the spaces before we take on chapter 2, i.e. major renovations, and sink a bunch of money into things. I like to refer to them as chapters since this process will be part of the entire story.

    Country House Home Tour Before

    The other end of The Living Room with our piano – As you can see, this house is heated with baseboard units and we currently have window eyesores air conditioners in some rooms, so it will be interesting to try and decorate around those until we install a heat pump.

    Country House Home Tour Before Living Room

    The Dining Area

    This room is also pretty spacious, at least when compared to our previous breakfast nook. We would like to get a bigger dining table to accommodate guests and maybe a cool buffet.

    Country House Home Tour Before Dining Room

    The Kitchen

    This kitchen may not look amazing right now, but it does have a ton of storage, with two pantries and a lot of cabinets. We don’t have a dishwasher right now, so we would like to add one and update the other appliances too.

    Country House Home Tour Before Kitchen

    The Laundry Room

    In addition to just doing laundry in here, we also pass through this room to get to our attached two car garage (we also have a detached garage.) And even though you can’t see it, there is a decent sized closet on the opposite end of this room which we hope to make into a little office of sorts.

    Country House Home Tour Before Laundry

    The Hallway

    Nothing special here. Just a semi-dark space that needs lightened and brightened.

    Country House Home Tour Before Hall

    The Bathroom

    Our one and only bathroom is very builder basic. We plan to brighten everything with some new lighting and paint.

    Country House Home Tour Before Bathroom Vanity Country House Home Tour Before Bathroom

    Bedroom One

    Here is Sweet Pea’s room. Each of our bedrooms has a good amount of closet space, but the rooms themselves are on the small side. We had to reassign furniture based on what would fit well in each room.

    Country House Home Tour Before Bedroom 1

    Bedroom Two

    This is Pinky’s room. Another item we want to change out in each room is the window coverings. Even though I’m totally a drape-y curtain kind of girl, we are thinking wood blinds for most of the rooms because of the baseboard heating issue. If you have any awesome ideas for our windows, I would love to hear them!

    Country House Home Tour Before Bedroom 2

    The Master Bedroom

    Even though it may look small, this is the biggest bedroom in the house and has a roomy walk in closet. We’ve considered the possibility of adding a small bathroom in the closet, but aren’t sure we want to lose that storage space or what kinds of options we would go with if we did. Also, look at that carpet. Eek! It is pretty worn and discolored, so it will be coming out pretty soon.

    Country House Home Tour Before Bedroom 3

    So there you have it! A photographic country house home tour before we actually get down to business here. This home has great bones and we do feel like it will be pretty easy to work with. What do you think? We would love for you to follow along with us as we take this place from Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After!

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    The Country House: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

    As you probably know by now, we’ve moved to the country! We love our new place, but as I mentioned in a previous post, our new house is not necessarily our dream home. There are aspects of it which are super great and others that are just so-so. No worries, though. We’ve got this handled. In true DIY fashion, we will make this place our own! So, let me share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    The Country House: The Good The Bad The Ugly

    The Good

    Space – We have land, people! Like… acreage. That’s a big deal for us since we barely had any outdoor space when we lived in the city. We are so excited that our kids can play outside in our huge yard and the neighbors are fields away. (Not that they are bad. Our neighbors are great!) One of these days, we would eventually like to add a barn with some animals to our farm and maybe even a pond.

    A tiny view of one side of our yard. The dirt in the back will eventually be grass.

    View of the Side Yard

    Family – The biggest bonus to moving here, is that we are so close to family. I grew up just a few miles from this house, so my parents are close. Plus, this house once belonged to my great aunt and the land has actually been in the family for years! My great-grandparents moved here in the 1920’s when my grandpa and great aunt were kids. My dad and uncle celebrated holidays and played here when they were young. So did my sister and I! It is really cool that our kids will get to grow up here since there are so many amazing family memories.

    My great grandparents, grandpa, and great aunt.

    Great Grandparents, Grandpa, and Great Aunt

    The Bad

    Replacements – Unfortunately, this house is not perfect. It looks like, over the next few years, we will probably need to fix/replace a few big ticket items, like the roof.

    Square Footage – One hurdle we will be facing is space indoors. Although we have a great area outside, a couple of storage buildings and a two car garage, the interior of the house isn’t everything we’ve ever wanted. We have 3 bedrooms (technically, enough for all of us) a living room, dining area, kitchen, and laundry room. However, the biggest issue is that there is only one bathroom. Of course, it’s not the end of the world to only have one bathroom, but with 4 people in the fam and one of them being a pre-teen girl, I can only imagine that we will probably desire another one soon. We have yet to determine if we will be able to build on. If for some reason we can’t/don’t go that route, we would also consider building new. That is a story for the future, though. For now, we plan to stick it out.

    Thank goodness for garages!

    Two Car Garage

    The Ugly

    Cosmetics – The country house is a cute little yellow ranch home and, on the outside, it doesn’t really need a lot of updating. Maybe a little power washing and landscaping, but other than that, nothing crazy. The inside is pretty decent too, and as far as updating, we will probably do some pretty simple and inexpensive stuff to make it our own. Lots of painting, some new flooring (the carpets are pretty old and ugly), appliances, lighting, etc. We don’t want to sink a lot of money into this house, especially since we don’t know what the future holds.

    Ugly Old Carpet

    This week, we are on vacation, but I plan on sharing a “before” type home tour with you sometime after I get back!

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    Stop the Presses! We Are Moving!

    Hello, Friends! You may or may not have noticed the lack of posts over the past couple of weeks/months. You see, as I mentioned is this previous post, we have some exciting stuff we’ve been working on that has had us busier than ever and I can’t wait any longer to share the biggest news with you. You guys… We are moving to the country!

    We Are Moving Truck

    Well, in all reality, we’ve actually been living here (in the country) part time for the past month. And today, we closed on our city house, so now the adventure really begins!

    Wait. What? I’m sure that this may come as a surprise to some and now you want to know all of the crazy details. If you’ve been around for awhile, then you may remember that it was only a little over 2 years ago that we moved back to our city house. We’ve owned that property for over 10 years and even though we’ve moved in and out a couple of times (thanks to work transfers for the hubs) it has been a blast to fix it up.

    Listing Photos
    Foyer Final Kitchen Final Dining Room Final

    We thought that our next move would be into a larger home in our wonderful suburban school district. (Our house was on the outskirts of a decent sized city.) However, last summer my great aunt passed away, and a few days before she did, she asked us if we would be interested in moving to her little yellow ranch house in the country. Initially, we didn’t think it would/could work out for us. Her home was located in the middle of nowhere, about 2 hours from our city house and wasn’t really that much bigger than what we already owned. But, we would have so much more outdoor space and after talking things over and checking with hubby’s work, we found that he would be able to work remotely from home for several days during the week.

    Work From Home

    Honestly, this was not what we were planning for our future, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball. This is a huge change for us! We are gaining a ton of space (i.e. acreage) and will have to adjust to living far away from pretty much every convenience we are used to. However, we are looking forward to the quietness of the country, living closer to family (I grew up just a few miles away from here) and can’t wait to get started working on our little farm. That’s right! I said FARM!

    Looking Out Window

    So, to close one chapter and welcome a new one, I’ve put together a little video preview for you. It’s mostly just the land and outside space , but don’t worry, there will be plenty of info about the inside and our plans for the future coming soon. We hope you will join us for this adventure!

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    Changes and Home Tour Page

    Hello, Friends! I hope you are having an amazing week. You may have noticed that there have been a minimal number of posts over the past couple of weeks. To be honest, I’ve kind of been taking a vacation. From the blog, that is. Unfortunately, we are not relaxing on some exotic beach, soaking up the sun. (That would be the best!) However, we have been super busy with some very exciting new changes.

    Cozy Neutral Sofa Couch End Table

    I want to share a new page I’ve added to the blog. It is our full home tour! You’ve probably seen parts of our home in the Fall-oween Home Tour Hop, the St. Patrick’s Day Home Tour, and the Spring Fling Home Tour, but this pretty much has it all. Everything all in one place. (You can also access it by clicking on the link in the menu bar at the top or on the right in the sidebar.)

    Over the next couple of weeks, I will be spilling the beans on all of the new things going on. I hope you stick around to hear what we’ve been up too!