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Brightening the Foyer

It has been just a little over 3 months since we moved into our new home and I’m happy to report that we have finally finished unpacking almost everything. And that means that we can now park in our garage. Woohoo! This is a big deal people!

Besides moving everything around, we are slowly, but steadily, getting things painted. (Check out our newly revamped breakfast nook here.) Since we have an active toddler, our painting has been somewhat limited to the areas that we can secure with baby gates and door knob covers. We’ve been jumping around from space to space and next on our list of workable areas was our entryway. You may not be able to tell from the photo below (since the front door is hanging wide open in the middle of the day,) but the space was almost cave like with its dark paint and faux wood accents.

Revamping the Entryway 1 Revamping the Entryway 2

With just a few coats of pure white paint on the trim/doors and some Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter on the walls, the area looks completely different and a lot brighter. I love how paint can completely transform a room without breaking the budget.

Eventually, we would like to remove the doors on the closet to open everything up and add some hooks along the walls for all of our coats, purses and scarves. We would love to be able to incorporate our numbered wooden crates…

Revamping the Entryway 3

But they don’t all fit lined up along the floor. Maybe we will do something similar to what Emily did in her Entryway Remodel.

Revamping the Entryway 4

The hardware also needs to be updated, since it is looking pretty beat up.

Revamping the Entryway 5

And we will definitely be changing out the flooring. All in good time.

Revamping the Entryway 6

Other than that, we are really enjoying how much brighter the space is looking. Nothing says come on in and hang up your coat like a welcoming foyer.


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