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Upcylced Dollar Store Placemats

Today, I am sharing upcylced dollar store placemats. This an easy customizable project that works for any meal you are needing a little extra table decorating.

Dollar Store Placemats Collage

During one of my many trips to the dollar store, I picked up a few of these placemats.

Dollar Store Placemat

I was not in love with the style of them, so I decided to paint them with chalkboard paint. Obviously, spray paint would have been my first choice. Unfortunately, I did not have any chalkboard spray paint on hand, so I mixed up some of my own chalkboard paint using grout and latex paint.

Chalkboard Accent Wall 6

Next, each mat received several coats of my concoction.

Then, I rubbed a piece of chalk all over the mats to prime them. This step is extremely important. It prevents your first chalk marks from being permanent. I was really diggin’ the brush strokes that were present.

Chalkboard Place setting DIY

Finally, I wiped the placemat clean and started doodling.

DIY Dollar Store Chalkboard Placemat

But wait… there’s more!

I got the brilliant idea to add washi tape to the placemats to create colored patterns.

Dollar Store craft

What do you think?

Washi tape placemat

I am in love! My favorite part is that you can just remove the washi tape when you are finished, wipe the mat down, and you are left with a blank surface ready to be customized again for your next event.

Dollar DIY Placemat

With or without the decorative tape, these babies would be a great addition to any holiday get together, birthday celebration, or party you are hosting.


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