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A Shady Project

I have been seeing tons DIY roman shade tutorials all over the internet, so I knew I just had to give it a try. Here’s my version of A Shady Project. Haha. I’m so punny!

Our kitchen window did not have any type of window treatment and looked a little bare. A roman shade, made out of mini blinds, was the perfect budget friendly thing to spruce it up. I know. Our kitchen window needs more than a shade. Because of all the moisture built up in it, it needs to be replaced. But this wonderful shade was right around our price range, unlike a brand new window. This was also an awesome way to add a pattern into our kitchen area.

$3.00 mini blinds, Liquid Stitch, scissors, and gray and white striped fabric were the supplies I used.

Shade 1 Shade 2

It is, in fact, just as easy as it looks to make. I basically just removed the slats by cutting the cord that looks like a ladder. Not the thick one. Then, I glued 5 remaining slates to my fabric about 9 inches apart to create the folds of the shade. Finally, I hung it in our window.  It only took about 20 minutes!  I referred to several tutorials on {Pinterest} and I found similar steps for each one.

Shade 3

Now, does anyone have any great projects I can attempt with these leftover mini blind slats?

shade 4



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