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Revisiting the Kitchen Seating

Exactly 1 year and 18 days ago, I shared my Dining Chair Update with you. We have absolutely loved having our chairs white, but these chairs have really taken a beating with daily usage. Today I am revisiting the kitchen seating and showing you the little changes that we made that will hopefully make our lives a little easier and help anyone out there that may decide to paint their furniture too.

Oh, look at these cute, adorable faces! Don’t let them fool you. They can really do some serious damage to painted furniture. I am sure my husband and I aren’t exactly gentle to our dining room chairs, but we certainly don’t pick off the paint during meal time.

Dinning Chair Redo

After one year of use, this is what the seats looked like. (Trust me, this one wasn’t even the worst of them!)

Painting Dining Chairs

To restore the beauty of the pure white chairs, I started by sanding down the peeling paint with my mouse sander.

Mouse Sander

Next, the seats each received a coat of primer and two coats of white paint.

DIY Painted Chairs

Finally, I applied three coats of Minwax Polycrylic. This is the step I feel I really should have added last time, but completely skipped.


Dining Chair Makeover

Although these chairs look like they did when I finished them last time, I am hoping the additional layers of protection will deter little fingers from picking away at the paint and make them easier to clean. A momma can always dream, right?

Dining Chair Makeover 5

Have you ever painted a dining chair that gets regular daily use? If so, did you add type of finish to your work? Leave us a comment, we would love to hear about any painted furniture experiences you’ve had and how you keep your furniture looking new.


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