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Raise Your Bed If You’re Sure

Last time you saw our bedroom was during a sneak peak revealed in this post. It still looks pretty much the same, except for one subtle difference in the form of a lift. See those pretty little dark feet hanging out at the bottom of the bed skirt? Yup, they are new.

Deck Post Bed Risers 1

Since we are hosting my office area in the corner of our bedroom, we wanted to add some extra storage space. The best place to achieve this was under the bed, since we didn’t want to add more furniture pieces. So, we researched some different ideas and after eliminating traditional, store bought bed risers (which we heard have a tendency to break in the middle of the night,) we decided to go the DIY route. No surprise there, right?

I found this tutorial on Pinterest and thought it looked cool, but unfortunately, our bed frame is made differently than theirs, so we had to think of another way to do it. After a little brainstorming, my genius husband figured out how to make it work.

We started out with 4 round, wooden, deck post finials which we bought for around $16 from our local hardware store.

Deck Post Bed Risers 2

After a quick sanding to smooth them out, we popped the screws into some floral foam so that they would be easier to spray paint. We chose to use Rustoleum Universal Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint with the hopes that they would semi-match our existing headboard. (I neglected to take a photo of them all together and painted though.)

Deck Post Bed Risers 3

Here is our old bed frame’s little wheels that held everything up. Kind of pathetic, right?

Deck Post Bed Risers 4

Well, the hubs figured out how to remove the entire wheel base and the plastic part that kept it tight inside of the leg. Then he pried the plastic piece off with a screw driver.

Deck Post Bed Risers 5

Lucky for us, the post screws fit perfectly inside of the original plastic frame pieces.

Deck Post Bed Risers 6

And with a few taps of the hammer, they were secured in place.

Deck Post Bed Risers 7

Finally, we just lifted the bed back up and positioned each post in place.

Deck Post Bed Risers 8

So far, the bed is holding up great and seems to be very secure. The kids even jumped on it a bit to double check the sturdiness. Plus, we gained several inches of storage space, which was exactly what we were looking for. Yay!

Deck Post Bed Risers 9

Here is my sweet little model showing off the new height of the bed and how it is perfectly toddler proof.

Deck Post Bed Risers 10


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