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Portable Lego Activity Kit

When I would tell people we were driving nineteen hours with our two very active preschool aged boys for our family vacation, they all looked at me like I was nuts. Maybe I am, but I also prepared for such a crazy adventure. The portable Lego activity kit I put together for my kids was a life saver. So much that I am here today to show you how I made it.

First, I went through my sons’ “extra” Legos bin and pulled out twelve blocks in different shapes, colors, and sizes.


Next, my husband and I played with set up the Legos in all different configurations and snapped shots with our camera of each design.

Lego activity photos copy

After that, the designs were printed on card-stock and cut out to serve as activity sheets for our sons to mimic. There were eighteen designs in total.

Lego Activity

Finally, I placed the cards and blocks in a plastic sandwich sized dish with lid. This worked perfect for keeping the Legos contained to one area rather than constantly dropping on the floor of the car.

Our little guys went through and matched each diagram with the blocks, before inventing their own models. They had a blast and my husband and I had a few minutes in the car to carry on an uninterrupted conversation of our own. Win, win for everyone!



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