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Photography Project 366 – A Photo Journey

Have you ever heard of the 365 Photography Project? Basically, you take a photo each day of the year for one year. Sounds pretty simple, right? I’ve attempted these kinds of photography projects in the past and only ever completed one. I’m not going to lie; this stuff is harder than it seems.

Photography Project 366

So why would I want to give this a go yet another year (with one extra day this time for leap year?) Because I absolutely love photography and it is worth it! Yes, there are times when I’m scrambling to take a picture before midnight because I forgot or was too lazy to grab my camera.

Pink Glasses

However, even during those times I have been able to capture so many of the great little moments of my life, our family, and things that we’ve done.

Counting Bugs Photo

Those times when your kids are laughing or that crazy huge beer your husband bought on date night. The seemingly mundane things that make up the everyday or big, exciting events in our lives. They are all important in creating who we are and doing a daily photography project is a great way to collect those memories. Plus, it is also a great way to work on my photography skills!

Black White Paper Straws

My favorite part is watching how our family grows and changes in just the course of a year. Those memories captured by my camera are priceless.

Slumber Party

Have you ever considered doing any kind of photography project? All you need is a camera and a little motivation! Whether it is a desire to improve your photography or capture those special moments, now is the time to start!

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