November Review at EJD

Wow! November flew by so quickly! Erin and I will be reunited tomorrow and we will be spending Thanksgiving together. Yay! Maybe this time we can capture some decent photos of us together, unlike last time.

We’ve been working hard. These projects were featured on other blogs this month!

1. Mason Jar Ring Pumpkin

Canning Pumpkin 5

2. Last Minute Pumpkin Decorating

3. November 2013 Printables

4. Kid’s tool belt

5. Pinecone Fire Starters

Pinecone Fire Starters 1

6. Paper Mache Open Front Letter

7. Coloring in a Cardboard Box

Thank you to all the awesome bloggers who have chosen to highlight us. To see more details about our features, go to our Features/Links page.

This month we also introduced a way for you, our readers, to share your projects with us. Check out EJD Destination Design and start sharing.

Thank you to our readers/friends Mike and Erica, who shared this hat rack. This original design was made with re-purposed crates and forked sticks.

Hat Rack

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