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A Nightstand Fairytale

Night Stand Makeover 2

Once upon a time, there were male roommates who decided it was time to move out of their crappy apartment and on with their separate lives. During this transition, one of the guys abandoned a nightstand. One of the other men thought “Sweet! Free furniture!” and decided to rescue it.

Nightstand Makeover 10

The nightstand inheritor then went on with his life and later got married to a wonderful woman with a passion for DIY. (That’s me!)

Over the coarse of the next eight years, this nightstand was toted back and forth across the country with the couple, to find it’s self only miles from where this journey first stated. The thought of getting rid of this piece of furniture definitely crossed the couple’s minds, but the wife always new great things were in the future of this nightstand.

After several years of spending quality time in the couple’s basement, it was finally time for this gem to make a reappearance in the world with a band new look.

This makeover began with a light exfoliation of the exterior using 120 grit sand paper.

Next, a hydrating mask of primer was applied to the surface area and allowed to dry.

Nightstand Makeover 9

This process was then followed by two layers of white paint brushed onto the nightstand.

Finally, fabric and a staple gun were used to dress up the interior backing of the furniture.

Nightstand 5

Hey, nobody’s perfect. Even this little gal had some imperfections that deserved a bit of cover-up.

Nightstand Makeover 7

Nightstand Makeover 3

Nightstand Makover 4

Isn’t she a beauty?

Night Stand Makeover 1

The husband and wife couple were extremely pleased with this furniture transformation. And they all lived happily ever after. The End.


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