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Mouse Trap Photo Holder

I know the title “Mouse Trap Photo Holder” probably has you wondering what exactly has happened to my brain, but let me take a moment to explain. I love decor and DIY, but I’m horrible at adding art work or photos to our home. I’m just so fickle! Anyway, I was trying to come up with some sort of “art” to put above our piano and I decided to make some photo holders, that way we can switch things up as we please.

Mouse Trap Photo Holder Piano

After looking at several options for making my own, I came across this DIY Gallery Wall Art from Ella Claire using mouse traps as the photo holders. Genius! However, I wanted to have individual boards to hang my artwork on, so I decided to deviate from that specific plan.

I started with 2 mouse traps purchased from the dollar store (in a pack of 4) and a 1″ x 12″ x 96″ board we bought at the local hardware store. We had a store employee cut our board for us so that we didn’t have to worry about it later. (The left overs will be used on another project!)

Mouse Trap Wood Photo Holder

Using a sander, I smoothed the edges of the two boards. I also employed my hubby to trim and sand a little off of each end of the mouse traps to make them a bit smaller and better fit the boards.

Cut Sanded Mouse Traps

Next, with a small foam roller I painted each of the boards white.

White Paint Foam Roller Wood

Once those were dry, I attached a saw tooth hanger to the back of each one.

Saw Tooth Hanger

I painted both of the mouse traps with Rustoleum Universal Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and glued them to the fronts of the boards.

Mouse Trap Photo Holder

Then it was time to figure out some art work. I decided to go with the easy route and made a couple of silhouettes of our lovely children. (Follow our Simple Silhouette tutorial to make your own.)

Mouse Trap Silhouette Clips

Aren’t these fun? Our piano-scaping (yes, I just made that up) still has a little tweaking to be done, like adding some new lamps and maybe a plant and different tchotchkes to liven things up. But I’m really enjoying how this space is starting to look!

Mouse Trap Photo Holder Piano


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