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Mercury Glass Ball Jars

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I’m still in a food coma, so this post may be a little lacking, but I wanted to share a pretty way to package holiday treats!

Mercury Glass Ball Jars 1

I love the look of mercury glass and this little project is so easy, that you may end up using this technique on all kinds of glass.

Mercury Glass Ball Jars 2

After reading about how several people had used Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint to achieve the look of mercury glass, I decided to give it go on some Mason jars. All I did was place the jars upside down on a plastic drop cloth and sprayed about six thin coats of the paint on them. (Make sure you are in a well ventilated area if you are using this paint. It is super duper fumy!)

Mercury Glass Ball Jars 3

Once they were all dry, I brought them inside and rinsed them off. (If you prefer the flakier looking mercury glass, rubbing a jar randomly with a piece of sand paper would totally do the trick.) Then, I whipped up some party mix, using my grandma’s recipe and filled the jars with its yummy goodness.

Mercury Glass Ball Jars 4

After that, they were ready to share with the fam. You could totally put all kinds of delicious homemade candies and treats in these pretty jars and give them as gifts. Speaking of deliciousness, I’m off to enjoy some more pumpkin pie. Toodles!

Mercury Glass Ball Jars 5

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