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Magnetic Oven Mitt

Do you have a drawer of oven mitts  in your kitchen that is so full it is hard to close? I have a simple solution for you. Throw some out. If that doesn’t work for you, try this easy project.

We had an ancient oven mitt we receive five years ago as a wedding gift. It had a magnet in it that made it so convenient just to hang it on the fridge. But that old mitt was so dirty and nasty, it looked like my husband used it to change the oil.

During a quick trip to Ikea, and by quick trip I mean traveling across the Canadian boarder, we decided to bite the bullet and buy a new one. My husband suggested adding a magnet to our new one to have the same convenience of our old gross one.

Oven Mitt 1
Using a seam ripper, I tore open the seam.

Oven Mitt 2
Then I inserted two magnets, because one was just not strong enough.
Oven Mitt 5

A vertical stitch was made to keep the magnets in place and the seam was sewn back up.

Oven Mitt 3
Finally, I slapped that puppy on the Refrigerator and was done. (There were no animals hurt in the making of this magnetic oven mitt.)

Oven Mitt 6

Thanks hubby for the great idea.

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  • CA

    Since our fridge is not nearby our stove, nor does it allow for magnets, I plan to attach an old cookie sheet to the side of a cabinet.

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