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We have been invited to join a talented group of bloggers in a DIY monthly gift challenge. Each month a different item from The Home Depot will be chosen and each blog will share a fun tutorial using that item. This month’s pick was a copper fitting. I decided I was up for the challenge, purchased several copper elbows and other parts, and got to work making my hubby a Restoration Hardware inspired Industrial Book Rack.

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This challenge is in no way associated with The Home Depot. We just love their stuff!

My shopping list from The Home Depot consisted of:

– (4) 1/2″ x 2′ PVC pipes
– (4) 3/4″ copper elbows – 90 degree
– (2) 1/2″ PVC crosses
– (4) 1/2″ PVC elbows – 45 degree
– (4) 1/2″ PVC reducers (I found these in the electrical aisle.)
– Can of Rustoleum Spray Paint and Primer- Oil Rubbed Bronze
– PVC Pipe Cutters
– Twine (I used it for a gift wrapping embellishment.)

Pipe Book Rack DIY

I decided to start with this book stand’s feet.

Book Rack Foot Assembly copy

1. I measured out four 1 1/4″ sections and marked one of the 2′ PVC pipes with a pen.
2. I cut each marked section with the PVC cutters. I paid $10 for the pair of cutters I used, but they cut with ease and were totally worth it.
3. Each cut PVC piece was placed between a reducer and a 45 degree elbow and connected together.
4. At this point I could no longer see that 1 1/4″ piece, as it was completely inside the other two,
and now I had completed all four of the book racks feet. Yay!

* Tip: Use a hammer to make sure the pipes are completely in the fittings for each step. *

Next, I cut the remaining 2′ PVC pipes so I had eight 4 1/2″ long pieces that will be used for the legs and two 19″ long pieces (not pictured below) for the book supports. After the cuts were all made, there was still a little extra pipe remaining. But I am sure there will be a future project I can use it on.

* Tip: At this point in the process, you can paint all of the parts. For tutorial purposes, I did mine later. This way in the pictures you better differentiate the pieces from one another. *

Pipe Table Book Rack

Then, I inserted four 4 1/2″ pipes into each of the PVC crosses. This created two wonderful “X” shapes for the sides.

Industrial Book Storage

After that, I placed two feet on each “X” shape. Making sure the feet were on adjacent pipes. The remaining two pipes of each “X” were fitted with the copper elbows. The long 19″ support pieces connected the entire thing together. (See photo below.)

DIY Book Storage

Finally, the parts received several coats of Rustoleum Spray Paint and Primer in Oil Rubbed Bronze and the book rack was reassembled.

Tabletop Book Shelf

I chose this color because it stays a little more true to my husband’s taste and our decor than the copper would. Because this is a gift for him, I suppose I should take his likes and dislikes into consideration. Right?

Rustolium Paint and Primer

I love it! Hope hubby likes it as much as I do.

Industrial Pipe Book Rack

The Restoration Hardware look for the price I like paying. Perfect!

Industrial Book Rack_edited-1

So, I am absolutely horrible at wrapping gifts. (You can read more about that in this gift wrapping post.) Typically when I have gift wrapping needs, I enlist my husband’s help. Because this was a present for him, I had to seek help elsewhere. My three year old son was the only one around at the time so I turned to him for assistance. He was a willing participant, but as it turns out, I think maybe he got his gift wrapping gene from me. Good thing he’s cute!

Book Rack Gift

Now it’s time to hop on over and check out all of the amazing copper fitting projects. Make sure you come back next month to see a whole new challenge.

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