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IKEA Trofast Makeover

Have you ever seen something in a store or online and thought “Wow! That would be perfect! Too bad it’s not the right size or color I am looking for.” That is exactly how I felt about the IKEA Trofast wall storage unit.

When looking around online I saw the Trofast and wanted a white unit for our playroom. This put me in sort of a Goldilocks state of mind. The white ones were too big. The natural wood ones were the correct size and wrong color, but painting a natural colored one white, would be just right. So to give my own fairy tale a happy ending, I did just that.


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I put together a long list of IKEA items I wanted. This included the Apa storage box I recently made-over, and of course the Trosast along with many other items I will be sharing soon, and. After I placed my order online, I anxiously waited for my shipment to arrive.

Yay! It was finally here and time for the transformation to begin.

Trofast Makeover 9

First, I lightly sanded each wood section of my wall storage.

Next, I painted a coat of primer on the bare wood and I let it dry over night.

Trofast makeover1

Following that, two coats of white semi-glossy paint were applied and left to dry/cure for a couple days. I didn’t want any chipping paint or my hard work would have gone down the drain.

Just like with the Apa, I enlisted the help of my husband with assembling the unit.

Trofast Makeover2

My new white Trofast has six plastic bins that we use to store the kids art supplies in. They were screaming for labels. My love for chalkboards and decisive nature steered me right toward these adorable stickers I found at Target.

Trofast Makeover 8

I put two labels on the front of each bin to give myself plenty of writing space. With these I have the freedom to erase my markings, which equals no commitment on what we store in them.

Trofast Makeover3 Trofast Makeover4

Then, I primed each tag by rubbing chalk on it.

Trofast Makeover 5

Finally, I labeled each drawer with the appropriate name.

Trofast Makeover6

I love how this whole piece turned out! It has been such a wonderful addition to our playroom.

Trofast Makeover 7

What is your favorite storage piece for kids’ art supplies? Leave a comment; we would love to hear from you!


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