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Here’s Your Sign

Four years ago, my parents moved into the house that had belonged to my grandparents. A woods in the back and several interesting old farm buildings, along with the house, make up this beautiful property they are on.

After moving in, there was one building that was particularly aged and needed a little updating; the machine shed.  This old building was there when my grandparents bought the house and my grandfather used this barn for storing his tractors. Last summer, the ancient wood siding was torn off and replaced.

I think my parents may check out our blog quite frequently and know what kinda of DIY projects Erin and I are up to. Lucky for us, they decided to save some of the siding and doors back for us.

Of the boards I have, I found the shape of this piece extremely interesting and decided to create a sign out of it for our kitchen. By the way, Erin said she didn’t think this wasn’t interesting at all. Although, she did find the final product to be up to her standards.

sign 1

Once I had chosen the location for my sign, I realized it needed to be a little smaller. Using the miter saw, I cut a smidgen off the bottom and side.

sign 2

To keep the weathered looked consistent, I sanded and hammered the blunt edges I had just cut.

sign 3

The sign was stained with Minwax Special Walnut. The porous wood soaked up more of the stain than I anticipated. Oops! Should have known!

sign 4

To remove a bit of the dark coloring, I sanded the entire piece down.

Next, I painted the letters on using the same technique Erin used {here}. I don’t always have a real steady hand when painting, but I was okay with the hand written look.

sign 5

Then, the letters were sanded down to let some of the wood show through.  Finally, using a hot glue gun, I tacked down a piece of jute to the back and hung the sign from the wall.

sign 6

It’s so nice to have something in our home with special meaning. Every time I look at it I will think of my parents and grandparents. Oh, and to eat.




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