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When I initially told my husband, Adam, I was going to be doing a post on gift wrapping, he literally laughed out loud. The funny thing was, Adam was not alone in his laughter. My dad also found this to be particularly entertaining news. I am the type of person that gives every gift in a gift bag. No wrapping here. I can barely wrap a present to save my life.

Because this post is about gift wrapping ideas, I informed Adam he would be helping with the wrapping portion and I would do all the embellishing. At that point, he was no longer laughing. Here’s what I came with:

1. Incorporating natural elements provides these gifts with rustic charm. I used some items from my own yard.

Nature Gift wrap

2. A multidimensional “Lorax” look was achieved with yarn, burlap and sticks. I found how to make these pom poms on Pinterest.

Gifts 2

3. Black, white and read all over. I decoupaged a box with book pages and tied it with twine.

Gifts 3

4.  This package is right up my alley. If you are also not an origami specialist (I am not) just spray paint a box with chalk board paint. No wrapping evolved. Then grab some chalk and go to town.

Gifts 4

5. Placing a single layer book page wreath on top of white wrapping paper has such a simple elegant look any reader would love. Tutorial here.

Gifts 5

6.  I topped this present with a beautiful tissue paper flower (pom pom). This super easy puff makes a great alternative to the traditional stick down bow.

Gifts 6

I did wrap a few of these gifts and they didn’t turn out too bad. I think I should just stick to the embellishing portion.

Do you love the gift tags I used? These are Erin originals. Go here to print out your own.


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