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Fish Bowl Cover

As you may already know, we are the proud parents of one sweet white kitty named Rowan. We also currently house a few Black Mollies, a small Panda Corydoras Catfish, and a nice little Betta Fish named Alpha. Because of the history between cats and fish, we’ve had to take precautions to make sure that our finned friends stay safe and don’t become a feline dinner. Every one of the fish lives in a covered aquarium, except Alpha, who resides in a large glass jar. Since we no longer have the lid that came with the jar (Oops,) we had to come up with some other sort of Fish Bowl Cover to keep curious kitty paws out.

Fish Bowl Cover

After a little brainstorming, I decided to try and use an embroidery hoop, which was the perfect fit for around the top of the jar, and some extra window screening we had.

Embroidery Hoop Screen

I also glammed up the hoop with some silver spray paint, since Aplha’s jar is our daughter’s room and she wanted it to look fancy. *wink*

Painted Embroidery Hoop

Once the paint was dry, I placed the screen between the two pieces of the hoop and tightened the screw to hold it in place. Then, I cut around the edge to remove the excess screening.

Paint Hoop Screen Cut

Not too bad!

Embroidery Hoop Screen Cover

As you can see, the fish bowl cover keeps the fish protected and the cat out. Now if only I could figure out how to keep toddlers away…

Fish Bowl Cat Cover

So, what kinds of ideas have you had to come up with to protect your pets/kids from the dangers lurking around?


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