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Festive Six Point Paper Stars

I love a fun and simple paper craft. There is something about just being able to whip out a bunch of items in a short amount of time that is very gratifying. A couple of years ago, I came across a super awesome blog called Kate’s Creative Space. Kate has so many amazing projects and fun ideas that she has shared. One of my favorite, yet easy, projects is her 3D paper stars, so I’m sharing my version of these Festive Six Point Paper Stars and how I did them.

Festive Paper Stars

Paper stars can be used for so many occasions as wall decor, garlands, package tags and even inexpensive ornaments for a tree. Here are the supplies that I used to make mine:

cardstock // scissors // ruler // pencil // round object with a flat side

Paper Stars Supplies

I actually used a pen here, just so it would show up a little better.

Start by measuring the diameter of the round object and dividing that in 2. Keep that number in mind. (My bowl measured 5 inches across on the side that I would be tracing around, so my measurement to remember was 2.5 inches. Geometry fact: that’s the radius!)

Paper Stars Measuring

Trace around the bowl and mark a starting point along the line. Measure with the ruler around the rim from the starting point and mark six equidistant points around the circle using the predetermined radius measurement.

Paper Stars Drawing

Next, connect all alternating points with a line. This will look like two triangles overlapping.

Paper Stars Circle

Then, cut out the star with super awesome gold scissors!

Paper Stars Cutting

To make the star 3 dimensional, fold the star in half, with the right sides facing, along each of the INNER points. Do this 3 times total.

Card Stock Star Cut

After that, fold the star in half, with the wrong sides facing, along each of the OUTER points. Again, make 3 folds.

White Star Fold

The star should now be 3D. Refold and score again to make the angles pop!

White Paper Star Folded

These adorable stars are so fun and you can make a bunch of them in a short time, assuming you are not documenting the process with a camera in crappy lighting. *wink*

Designed Paper Stars

So, grab some fun paper and get to work making your holidays FESTIVE!

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