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Entryway Remodel Part 1

One year ago, to almost the day, Adam and I started remolding our entryway. There were these unsightly 8 x 8 orange-red tiles that covered the floor and a 1980’s light fixture that welcomed all of our guest. They both needed to go.

Entryway Makeover 1

Adam and I had just taken our two little boys on a week long vacation to California to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary.Β  We had discussed the remodel of this entryway for quite some time and decided to wait until we returned home to start.

With less than 24 hours home, and before our bags were even unpacked, I started demo on those hideous tiles. I used a crowbar and a hammer to pry up every single one of those bad boys.

Entryway Makeover 2

Once the plywood was clear of all things red-orange and ugly, I had to get to work on removing the leftover mortar. This proved to be quit difficult, and I had to smash each piece with a hammer to get it to budge. Luckily, my boys were both able to nap during the enormous amount of noise the hammering was causing.

Entryway Makeover 3

Next, It was time to lay the backer-board. I used roofing nails to secure it to the plywood. A little extra strength was given to the seams by spreading mortar on them.

Entryway Makeover 4

I love the look of placing tiles on an diagonal, but this meant a lot more cutting work. I was a bit intimidated by the wet saw and didn’t want to loose any limbs, so I enlisted Adam for the tile cutting.

Then, we used a trowel to apply the mortar to the backs of the tiles before placing them onto the backer-board. I placed quarter inch spacers between the tiles.

I love duct tape and it’s endless amount of uses! You can see below how neon green duct tape helped secure our carpet during the tiling process.

Entryway Makeover 5

With a trowel, we smeared grout between the tiles and leveled it out.

Entryway Makeover 6_edited-1

Finally, we finished the new floor! Hip hip hooray!

Entryway Makeover 7

More to come on this remodel soon!


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