Easy No-Sew Receiving Blanket

One of my really good friends is due with her first baby in October. I really wanted to make her an Easy No-Sew Receiving Blanket that was bigger than the ones you purchase in the store.

The standard size for a receiving blanket in 30″ x 30″, which is prefect for the first couple weeks, unless you have a tiny peanut, then it may last you a little longer. The size I found that worked really well for my boys is 36″x 36″. Once the baby has outgrown swaddling, these little blankets are wonderful for snuggling up in a stroller or car-seat.


Begin with a piece of flannel 37″ x 37″.  Then, starting at one corner, fold one edge over 1/4″ two times to hide the raw edges. Tuck your Stitch Witchery under the entire folded edge, make sure it is completely hidden.

stitch witch

Use a hot clothes iron and press along the folded edge to completely bond the stitch witchery. I usually hold it there about 8 seconds but time may vary for you.

iron blanket

Continue the same for all sides. The corners can get a little tricky, so I pin the corner down until I am ready to press it.

corner pin

Once you have completed all four sides, flip over, and press the entire blanket.


Now you have a wonderful receiving blanket to give as a gift or keep for your own bundle of joy.




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