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DIY Chalkboard Paint and Accent Wall

My youngest little guy LOVES to color. I wanted to make sure I incorporated his passion into our playroom designs. That is exactly why I chose to do a chalkboard accent wall.

Chalkboard Accent Wall 2

Instead of doing straight up black chalkboard paint, I wanted to choose my own color. My choice; Restoration Hardware Flint. (I had it color matched in latex paint at Home Depot to keep it a little more budget friendly.)

To get from plain latex to chalkboard paint, I mixed 2 cups of the color matched paint and 4 Tablespoons non-sanded grout together. This worked beautifully.

Chalkboard Accent Wall 5

Chalkboard Accent Wall 6

Along with the help of my four year old, I applied two coats of this concoction to the wall and let it dry for 24 hours.

Chalkboard Accent Wall 7

Then, I primed the surface with chalk. That way the first scribbles drawings on the wall weren’t our permanent artwork for the room.

Chalkboard Accent Wall 1

Finally, to add an educational touch to the kid’s space, I choose to stencil the alphabet across the top of the accent wall.

This process took a little while, but was pretty easy.

I taped the stencils to the wall and chalked each letter. This way they can be easily changed if we so desire.

Chalkboard Accent Wall 4

To touch up the ABC’s, I used a wet Q-tip to erase any unwanted markings.

Chalkboard Accent Wall 3_edited-1

We are in love with this wall. The boys enjoy coloring on it and so do I.

Chalkboard Accent Wall 8

Now, if I can only make it clear to my two year old that this is the only wall we chalk on.  *sigh*



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